Friday, January 29, 2010

No new pictures...Until V-day!!!

So the title of my post really summed it up. However I did want to explain, currently I am at 163 (yay!!!) that is a total of 11 pounds since I started back on January 11. I do have before pictures posted on my August 3 blog but I never finished that weight loss challenge. This year something clicked in my head and I have been just motivated and even surprising myself sometimes. For instance, I have been working out more like skinny people I go to an hours aerobics class then walk for 3 miles after. I am watching what I eat constantly trying to pick healthier choices so I always pack fruit for snacks so I am not tempted. The saying is true that if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit and slowly my new lifestyle has become a habit and I am excited about it because I don't feel like I will fall off the wagon this time. Yes I understand I might go on vacation and eat really bad but when I get back I can go straight back to my routine of eating right and exercising. This weekend was an excellent example I visited my boyfriend in Memphis, TN (can't wait till he is back here) and I ate bad I had a cheese burger, fried rice, pasta, and hot wings in the span of four days. So I had gone down to 164 but after that weekend I was up to 167 now I am back to 163 in the course of a few days. My goal is to be 162 by Sunday and I want to lose 3.5 pounds over the next 2 weeks to weigh 155 by valentines day. So you will not see any pictures of me until valentines day.1 because I can tell a difference in my body now but it doesn't show on camera in my opinion. 2 my boyfriend usually takes the body shots and he is away and has the camera. So valentines day you will get to see my progress. So until then please stay motivated and I will try too!!!

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