Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I know I am suppose to post pictures every 2 weeks but I decided that might not help keep me motivated so instead I decided to post pictures every 10 pound weight loss I achieve. I believe this way I will probably see some results and that will keep me on track. Last week and this week I have really been doing better controlling craving and watching what I eat and it has payed off. As I have even been posting some of my meal plans and the exercises I have been doing. I want to apologize I have been a bad blogger keeping everything updated so I am going to quit promising such a structured blog posting schedule and update when I am able too. Even though I don't have body shots I do have some pictures to post:

Remember when I said I wanted to lose 3 pounds by my next Monday weight in?!?!

I lost those three pounds by Monday (8/24/2009) when I said I would and there is even better news...I lost 2 more pounds during just the beginning of this week. Now my total weight loss is 5 pounds I am super excited and hopefully I will be 167 by my next "official" weigh in and possibly 164 on the weight in after that. This obviously has motivated me to work out harder and eat even healthier but other things I do to keep motivated are: watching weight loss transformations on youtube my favorite is Tearsnomore87 (Think I already mentioned this but she is amazing), and finding healthy realistic weight loss thinspiration mine right now are Gretchen Rossi, Lauren Conrad, and AnnaLynn McCord. I might have to do a post on the pictures of them I save on my laptop to keep me motivated sometime. If anyone else has some more tips for staying motivated please leave a comment please.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just an update of what I have eaten today...

Raisin Bran w/skim milk

Turkey Sandwich

Salad w/ tomatoes, onion, cheese crumbles, balsamic vinegarette
Baked Chicken
Mixed Vegetables

Snacks (between meals)
mandarin oranges
whole wheat crackers

Also I walked for 40 min and did the elliptical for 20 min on wednesday and went to a kickboxing class today

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Ate Today!!!

I think that posting what I eat will help control the amount I eat and binges by holding me accountable. Also when I do lose weight this could serve as an archive of meals of what I ate to help others lose weight. So according to my lose it application for my ipod touch I ate 845 calories today here is the breakdown:

Breakfast(80)- 2 cups of Grapes

Lunch(200)- Shrimp 15 pieces sauteed
Corn steamed

Dinner (350)- Baked Chicken Thigh
Zucchini sauteed with lemon juice

Snack(215)- V8 2 cups
Granny Smith Apple
I think working out would have really accelerated my metabolism and allowed me to burn more calories. The up side is I ate lots of fruits and veggies and no "white" starches.

I am still slacking...need your help!!!

Okay I did not post a picture this sunday or post my weight loss. One reason was I was busy which is an excuse caused I should be more focused. Second reason I ate horrible this week and of course I think I only lost one pound at the begining of the week but by the end I think I was back to 174. I have to get serious this is a life style change not a diet anymore. I am so sorry to dissapoint you so this week I promise everyone that comes to my blog a three pound weight loss. I plan on achieving this by staying away from starches like rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, sugar, flour. I want to achieve this goal of mine and I will stay motivated. So come back next Monday which will now be my post days and I will post a picture and hopefully have a three pound weight loss to report. I would also appreciate if you would leave a comment if you have a way to avoid cravings and stay motivated.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Failing already?!?!

So I feel pretty bad because this was suppose to be posted yesterday instead of today....hence the title of the post!!!

Well I stepped on the scale and after a week of doing moderate sticking to my desired weight loss plan and had only lost one pound. I am disappointed but I'm still wanting to continue this journey that I know with better discipline will happen for me.
So for starters I have to do better resisting temptation like I had a half a burger, onion rings, pasta, smokes sausage, chocolate cake, garlic bread and oreos during the span of one week. WOW!!! Writing that down has made me realize just now how horrible I eat I really thought my body just held on to everything but heck did you just read what I put in my body over the course of a week that is ridiculous. So I think the goal of this week is to watch my cravings and be more cautious as to what I put in my body.
Working out went a little better in my eyes last week I went Mon-Thurs and I am sure that is the reason I did not gain weight eating like I did last week. This week I would like to stick to the original work out by also working out Friday and Saturday. Sunday is the body shot post update maybe that thought will help motivate me to make the right choices this week.

So for fitness inspiration I have decided to save a picture of Gretchen Rossi and AnnaLynn McCord on my computer to look at when I get off track. Both ladies in my opinion have amazing bodies and instead of being bones you can tell they work out unlike a lot of women in hollywood.
So tune in next week and lets see if I am on the right track!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Start!!!!

I'm ready to lose this extra baggage i'm carrying around with me. Specifically I want to lose 50 pounds. I find that watching others do it motivates me and gives me the willpower I desire to finish what I start. For the first time since High School I have finished something I started...I finished my coursework for my college degree. So now I want to turn my attention to the one thing I battled even when I was at my smallest.
I plan on organizing this blog by weighing in every Sunday Every other week I will take a before and after picture. Every week at weigh in I will post exactly what I ate for the following week and post my exercise plan for the coming week. So I guess you want to see the pictures...
Not a pretty sight I know but this is the beginning.

Here are my Start Weight (SW) and Goals

SW: 174
Goal 1: 150s
UGW1: 155
Goal 2: 140s
UGW2: 145
Goal 3: 130s
UGW3: 134
Goal 4: 120s
UGW: 124

So this week I plan on going to aerobics Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday and Friday I plan on going to a toning class. Saturday I am going for an hour walk through a nature trail.
So my inspirational tip for today is to visit a weight loss blog or look at before and after videos on youtube my favorite is from Tearsnomore87. She is such an inspirational young lady and has lost more than 50 pounds.