Monday, August 10, 2009

Failing already?!?!

So I feel pretty bad because this was suppose to be posted yesterday instead of today....hence the title of the post!!!

Well I stepped on the scale and after a week of doing moderate sticking to my desired weight loss plan and had only lost one pound. I am disappointed but I'm still wanting to continue this journey that I know with better discipline will happen for me.
So for starters I have to do better resisting temptation like I had a half a burger, onion rings, pasta, smokes sausage, chocolate cake, garlic bread and oreos during the span of one week. WOW!!! Writing that down has made me realize just now how horrible I eat I really thought my body just held on to everything but heck did you just read what I put in my body over the course of a week that is ridiculous. So I think the goal of this week is to watch my cravings and be more cautious as to what I put in my body.
Working out went a little better in my eyes last week I went Mon-Thurs and I am sure that is the reason I did not gain weight eating like I did last week. This week I would like to stick to the original work out by also working out Friday and Saturday. Sunday is the body shot post update maybe that thought will help motivate me to make the right choices this week.

So for fitness inspiration I have decided to save a picture of Gretchen Rossi and AnnaLynn McCord on my computer to look at when I get off track. Both ladies in my opinion have amazing bodies and instead of being bones you can tell they work out unlike a lot of women in hollywood.
So tune in next week and lets see if I am on the right track!!!

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