Monday, August 3, 2009

The Start!!!!

I'm ready to lose this extra baggage i'm carrying around with me. Specifically I want to lose 50 pounds. I find that watching others do it motivates me and gives me the willpower I desire to finish what I start. For the first time since High School I have finished something I started...I finished my coursework for my college degree. So now I want to turn my attention to the one thing I battled even when I was at my smallest.
I plan on organizing this blog by weighing in every Sunday Every other week I will take a before and after picture. Every week at weigh in I will post exactly what I ate for the following week and post my exercise plan for the coming week. So I guess you want to see the pictures...
Not a pretty sight I know but this is the beginning.

Here are my Start Weight (SW) and Goals

SW: 174
Goal 1: 150s
UGW1: 155
Goal 2: 140s
UGW2: 145
Goal 3: 130s
UGW3: 134
Goal 4: 120s
UGW: 124

So this week I plan on going to aerobics Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday and Friday I plan on going to a toning class. Saturday I am going for an hour walk through a nature trail.
So my inspirational tip for today is to visit a weight loss blog or look at before and after videos on youtube my favorite is from Tearsnomore87. She is such an inspirational young lady and has lost more than 50 pounds.

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