Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I know I am suppose to post pictures every 2 weeks but I decided that might not help keep me motivated so instead I decided to post pictures every 10 pound weight loss I achieve. I believe this way I will probably see some results and that will keep me on track. Last week and this week I have really been doing better controlling craving and watching what I eat and it has payed off. As I have even been posting some of my meal plans and the exercises I have been doing. I want to apologize I have been a bad blogger keeping everything updated so I am going to quit promising such a structured blog posting schedule and update when I am able too. Even though I don't have body shots I do have some pictures to post:

Remember when I said I wanted to lose 3 pounds by my next Monday weight in?!?!

I lost those three pounds by Monday (8/24/2009) when I said I would and there is even better news...I lost 2 more pounds during just the beginning of this week. Now my total weight loss is 5 pounds I am super excited and hopefully I will be 167 by my next "official" weigh in and possibly 164 on the weight in after that. This obviously has motivated me to work out harder and eat even healthier but other things I do to keep motivated are: watching weight loss transformations on youtube my favorite is Tearsnomore87 (Think I already mentioned this but she is amazing), and finding healthy realistic weight loss thinspiration mine right now are Gretchen Rossi, Lauren Conrad, and AnnaLynn McCord. I might have to do a post on the pictures of them I save on my laptop to keep me motivated sometime. If anyone else has some more tips for staying motivated please leave a comment please.

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