Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am still slacking...need your help!!!

Okay I did not post a picture this sunday or post my weight loss. One reason was I was busy which is an excuse caused I should be more focused. Second reason I ate horrible this week and of course I think I only lost one pound at the begining of the week but by the end I think I was back to 174. I have to get serious this is a life style change not a diet anymore. I am so sorry to dissapoint you so this week I promise everyone that comes to my blog a three pound weight loss. I plan on achieving this by staying away from starches like rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, sugar, flour. I want to achieve this goal of mine and I will stay motivated. So come back next Monday which will now be my post days and I will post a picture and hopefully have a three pound weight loss to report. I would also appreciate if you would leave a comment if you have a way to avoid cravings and stay motivated.

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