Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Ate Today!!!

I think that posting what I eat will help control the amount I eat and binges by holding me accountable. Also when I do lose weight this could serve as an archive of meals of what I ate to help others lose weight. So according to my lose it application for my ipod touch I ate 845 calories today here is the breakdown:

Breakfast(80)- 2 cups of Grapes

Lunch(200)- Shrimp 15 pieces sauteed
Corn steamed

Dinner (350)- Baked Chicken Thigh
Zucchini sauteed with lemon juice

Snack(215)- V8 2 cups
Granny Smith Apple
I think working out would have really accelerated my metabolism and allowed me to burn more calories. The up side is I ate lots of fruits and veggies and no "white" starches.

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