Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I gained...ALOT!!!

Well I gained which I'm starting to think that is all my body can do even after i worked out 3 out of the five days I was on vacation. However to be truthful I did eat pretty bad lots of fried seafood (YUMM) and chocolate candy! Eating is my biggest road block to weight loss and I really want to stop this back and forth and just finally succeed. I got really great advice ,from someone that has totally overcame every obstacle there is in weight loss and lost a ton of weight, to set mini goals. So mini goal number 1 is to reach 155 pounds I am dying to see the 150s again it has been ages since I have so that is what my blog will focus on until I reach my mini goal then I will set another goal and try to reach it. In the mean time stay tuned as I attempt to make progress in this never ending battle