Friday, January 29, 2010

No new pictures...Until V-day!!!

So the title of my post really summed it up. However I did want to explain, currently I am at 163 (yay!!!) that is a total of 11 pounds since I started back on January 11. I do have before pictures posted on my August 3 blog but I never finished that weight loss challenge. This year something clicked in my head and I have been just motivated and even surprising myself sometimes. For instance, I have been working out more like skinny people I go to an hours aerobics class then walk for 3 miles after. I am watching what I eat constantly trying to pick healthier choices so I always pack fruit for snacks so I am not tempted. The saying is true that if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit and slowly my new lifestyle has become a habit and I am excited about it because I don't feel like I will fall off the wagon this time. Yes I understand I might go on vacation and eat really bad but when I get back I can go straight back to my routine of eating right and exercising. This weekend was an excellent example I visited my boyfriend in Memphis, TN (can't wait till he is back here) and I ate bad I had a cheese burger, fried rice, pasta, and hot wings in the span of four days. So I had gone down to 164 but after that weekend I was up to 167 now I am back to 163 in the course of a few days. My goal is to be 162 by Sunday and I want to lose 3.5 pounds over the next 2 weeks to weigh 155 by valentines day. So you will not see any pictures of me until valentines day.1 because I can tell a difference in my body now but it doesn't show on camera in my opinion. 2 my boyfriend usually takes the body shots and he is away and has the camera. So valentines day you will get to see my progress. So until then please stay motivated and I will try too!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,
I am back and happy to report I have reached my first 10 pound goal I am officially weighing in at 164 pounds. Yes I do owe you a picture but unfortunately I have to find my camera first. I think ten pounds is always easy for me to lose then I gain it back but if I can stay motivated this go round I know I can accomplish another 10 pound weight loss in hopefully the same amount of time. I have learned some slightly motivating things from this 10 pound weight loss. Keeping track of what I eat, not weighing myself everyday, and making working out part of my plans instead of whenever I have free time helped me stick to my goals. So what are things that help motivate you to stay on track when trying to lose weight?!?!

Here is some fitness inspiration for you it is my BOYFRIEND!!!
So if you are wondering "WHO" motivates me to get into have your answer!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My goals!!!

I'm still Hanging in there at 169 so I figure from this I can make my weekly weight loss goal. I believe a realistic one is 3 to 5 pounds per week. This goal will only be realistic though if I stick to a healthy diet and continue working out. I have cheated some this week but that will all change in the next few weeks. If my friends wedding was not motivation I have even more motivation now, the week directly following the wedding is spring break and I am going to Vegas. From this day forward I have exactly 9 weeks or 63 days. So lets do the math...
3 pounds a week= 27 pounds
4 pounds a week= 36 pounds
5 pounds a week= 45 pounds
I honestly think 45 is a little steep for such a short amount of time but would put me close to my overall goal to lose 50 pounds. I believe if I could be in the 140's which would be closer to a 3 pound a week weight loss I will be happy for any extra. Now with all that established I still promise to post a pic of me at 164 and every 10 pounds after. Until next time I hope this gives you a little thinspiration...

Check out the video at this address it is an amazing weight loss journey that took place over 6 weeks. When you finish check out the rest of her page because she lost even more weight!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick Update...Ultimate Goal Weight

Just wanted to let everyone know I am still at 169 would love to be 166 by tuesday morning!!! I am a little nervous there is a big ice storm headed to where I live so my aerobics class was cancled this evening and the gym is closed all day tomorrow and I don't know how I am going to work out now to burn some calories. We have digital cable so I am hoping to find a workout hopefully for tomorrow!!! I might have to stick to all fruits and veggies until I can get back to the gym. So tomorrow I will let you know how my lack of exercise today has effected my weight loss I just hope I can get down to 150 at least by March 12. My ultimate goal would be 145 for March 12 and 120 for my overall weight loss goal!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Insanity™ Workout Reviews & Product Information | Interval Training | Extreme Fitness Results

Hi i'm back and i'm still on the band wagon but it is only day 3 so let me make it to week three and I will really have something to write home about!!! I feel accomplished though I went to step aerobics today and I see how out of shape I have gotten from the middle of last year when I was working out regularly. However, I am still proud of the fact that I went to aerobics and I feel the need not to be one of those people that show up the first of the year and after the first or second week they don't show up so I plan on seeing weight loss and working out through to the end...on the working out end that is never ending so I have to always keep this up,which is just three days a week. I know your thinking I probably need a little more working out to reach my goal by March 12th and that is where this comes in (click on the link to find out more information):
Insanity™ Workout Reviews & Product Information | Interval Training | Extreme Fitness Results
My brother asked me to join in with him and his friends to take the 60 day challenge and that is actually about all the time I have so I figured why not?!?! So my aerobics class meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and I decided I can do the insanity workouts on the days I do not have aerobics. These workouts are in the neighborhood of the P90X system and were created by Shaun T the guy that did Hip Hop Abs so I can't wait to get started. So check back for my results... In other news I ate in my opinion fantastic today, just see for yourself!!!

Breakfast- Banana and Green tea with lemon
Lunch- 1 serving of Campbells' Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup (about 70 calories per serving) and a side of mix vegetables
Snack- mixed veggies and green tea with lemon
Dinner- Ceasar Salad with grilled chicken
(With every meal and snack I have three cups of water)

The most exciting news however is that I lost another pound (I know it is just water but still whatever keeps me motivated) I am now at 170.
So stay motivated and feel free to leave all the advice you want and criticism if you feel the need!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I feel Bad for posting this...Diet Buddy Needed!!!

No I don't feel bad for needing a diet buddy, but I do want one so if anyone is really interested in losing weight and wants someone to communicate with for support I am here. Just post a comment or email me and we can start/complete this Journey together. So on to what I feel horrible about...I have gained weight this morning I weighed in at 173 and tonight I was 171. Additionally I am setting a somewhat weight loss New Years resolution, but mine is to actually complete or succeed in weight loss versus to lose weight this new year. So of course I have started with a mini goal and that goal is to be at least 20 pounds lighter by my friends wedding I have to be in on March 12. My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 53 pounds by a combination of healthy eating and working out. Today my eating consisted of...

A banana and tea
Baked chicken and wild rice
A orange
So I ate okay most people would think I needed to eat more but in my defense I woke up late today around 1:30 and went back to sleep because I have a cold. What I feel bad about was I slept through my aerobics class. So my mini goal for tomorrow and the next couple of weeks is to work out as I have planned. So I hope to post frequently with great updates and more interesting topics. I want to leave you with a little weight loss/ Fitness inspiration:
Anna Lynne McCord

Gretchen RossiThese are my fitness inspirations leave a comment with your fitness inspiration and I will do a post on their exercise routine and diet. Until the next post stay motivated!!!