Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,
I am back and happy to report I have reached my first 10 pound goal I am officially weighing in at 164 pounds. Yes I do owe you a picture but unfortunately I have to find my camera first. I think ten pounds is always easy for me to lose then I gain it back but if I can stay motivated this go round I know I can accomplish another 10 pound weight loss in hopefully the same amount of time. I have learned some slightly motivating things from this 10 pound weight loss. Keeping track of what I eat, not weighing myself everyday, and making working out part of my plans instead of whenever I have free time helped me stick to my goals. So what are things that help motivate you to stay on track when trying to lose weight?!?!

Here is some fitness inspiration for you it is my BOYFRIEND!!!
So if you are wondering "WHO" motivates me to get into have your answer!!!

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