Monday, January 4, 2010

I feel Bad for posting this...Diet Buddy Needed!!!

No I don't feel bad for needing a diet buddy, but I do want one so if anyone is really interested in losing weight and wants someone to communicate with for support I am here. Just post a comment or email me and we can start/complete this Journey together. So on to what I feel horrible about...I have gained weight this morning I weighed in at 173 and tonight I was 171. Additionally I am setting a somewhat weight loss New Years resolution, but mine is to actually complete or succeed in weight loss versus to lose weight this new year. So of course I have started with a mini goal and that goal is to be at least 20 pounds lighter by my friends wedding I have to be in on March 12. My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 53 pounds by a combination of healthy eating and working out. Today my eating consisted of...

A banana and tea
Baked chicken and wild rice
A orange
So I ate okay most people would think I needed to eat more but in my defense I woke up late today around 1:30 and went back to sleep because I have a cold. What I feel bad about was I slept through my aerobics class. So my mini goal for tomorrow and the next couple of weeks is to work out as I have planned. So I hope to post frequently with great updates and more interesting topics. I want to leave you with a little weight loss/ Fitness inspiration:
Anna Lynne McCord

Gretchen RossiThese are my fitness inspirations leave a comment with your fitness inspiration and I will do a post on their exercise routine and diet. Until the next post stay motivated!!!

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