Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Insanity™ Workout Reviews & Product Information | Interval Training | Extreme Fitness Results

Hi i'm back and i'm still on the band wagon but it is only day 3 so let me make it to week three and I will really have something to write home about!!! I feel accomplished though I went to step aerobics today and I see how out of shape I have gotten from the middle of last year when I was working out regularly. However, I am still proud of the fact that I went to aerobics and I feel the need not to be one of those people that show up the first of the year and after the first or second week they don't show up so I plan on seeing weight loss and working out through to the end...on the working out end that is never ending so I have to always keep this up,which is just three days a week. I know your thinking I probably need a little more working out to reach my goal by March 12th and that is where this comes in (click on the link to find out more information):
Insanity™ Workout Reviews & Product Information | Interval Training | Extreme Fitness Results
My brother asked me to join in with him and his friends to take the 60 day challenge and that is actually about all the time I have so I figured why not?!?! So my aerobics class meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and I decided I can do the insanity workouts on the days I do not have aerobics. These workouts are in the neighborhood of the P90X system and were created by Shaun T the guy that did Hip Hop Abs so I can't wait to get started. So check back for my results... In other news I ate in my opinion fantastic today, just see for yourself!!!

Breakfast- Banana and Green tea with lemon
Lunch- 1 serving of Campbells' Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup (about 70 calories per serving) and a side of mix vegetables
Snack- mixed veggies and green tea with lemon
Dinner- Ceasar Salad with grilled chicken
(With every meal and snack I have three cups of water)

The most exciting news however is that I lost another pound (I know it is just water but still whatever keeps me motivated) I am now at 170.
So stay motivated and feel free to leave all the advice you want and criticism if you feel the need!!!

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