Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year...Same Me...Just Different!!!

Soooo....I have been away from the blog for a very long time now, but I have actually been thinking about just what to say and in what direction I want to take this blog this year. I think the best direction is just to cater to me but of course this year I think the blog needs some ground rules like post once a week, do more weight updates but also post more pieces about health and fitness. These things will not only help me achieve my personal goals but also help other people that visit my blog. With all that said I guess I should practice what I preach and keep everyone updated on my weight. I am now 175 I am down 12 pounds from my all time high of 187. I finally dug myself out of that hole I let myself fall into but I will be honest it was hard. I just started doing things soley for me like buying myself clothes, wearing makeup more, hanging out with my friends and just being grateful for all the great things that this past year brought me instead of focusing on the negative things that happened. (Of course I started going back to the gym only because I wanted to go and I started watching portions of what I was eating) So now that I have made it this far I only want to go farther I want to set 2012 goals for myself and I have all of 2012 to get it right I figure. With that said here they are:
1.) Since I am so bad about never accomplishing my goals the first one is a no brainer "Accomplish at least 3 of your Goals this year"
2.) Move away from home (Jackson, MS)
3.) Stop being wasteful with my paychecks and start saving money every paycheck
4.) Have a goal and plan in place to go to graduate school
5.) Go back to New York City
6.) Eat cleaner and never go a day without eating fresh fruits and vegetables
7.) Limit eating out to once a week
8.) Work out 4 times a week
9.) Find and implement a strenghth and toning routine into your workout
10.) Finally reach the 150s
11.) Go to church on my weekends off
So those are my goals and I think they can all 100% be accomplished and this will be the year that I will try my hardest to accomplish them all. What are your goals I would love to know?!?!

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