Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Focus More on Toning...

How many times have you been eating right and getting all your cardio in and to your delight the number on the scale keeps going down, only to look in the mirror and see that your body is still no where to being bikini ready?!?! This has always been a big problem for me partially because I have a huge amount of fat on top of my muscles and I don't place the same emphasis on strength training as I do cardio. Everyone from Kinesiology majors to trainers in the gym have always stressed the importance of strength training for weight loss. I being very head strong and "knowing my body" knew that I could lose weight eating fewer calories and getting my cardio in. I actually was right I did lose weight but my body underneath my clothes was smaller just still lumpy and jiggly and pudgy. So this year Iam still going to get an adequate amount of cardio in just focus more on stregnth training. Strength training has a host of benefits including speeding up your metabolism so you burn calories when your not working out, improved posture and flexibility, and of course the more you work out the better you are able to handle stress and it improves your mood. The benefits you can see of course is a leaner, firmer, and more toned body which for me is greatly needed. I still want to achieve weight loss so I must combine the two, cardio and strength, because you can not spot reduce when it comes to weight loss. In the past I have never been very good at knowing what to do when it comes to resistance training so this time I have been buying fitness magazines and even surfing the internet for ideas. I came across an awesome website called (I know that is exactly what I wanted) and I found a lot of routines that I can implement into my weight loss/ toning routine. The picture above is from the founder of the website look at how she toned up!!!So I plan on putting an exact plan together and work on my goal of going to the gym four times a week. As soon as I get the exact plan together I will post it and keep you updated.

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