Monday, August 22, 2011

Gym Challenge Update#2

I'm still following my gym challenge and I am very proud of myself. I personally find it easier to go to aerobic and spin classes vs. trying to figure out something on my own to do everyday. I feel healthier but the scale has not moved at all...the culprit my piss poor eating habits!!! Lesson for me and everyone to take away from this DIET is 70% of weight loss it can actually be the only thing you change and you can achieve your weight loss goals. So I must attack the diet portion I talked last night with my fiance about my diet and eating habits we discussed some things for me to implement immediately that I can see great results with.
To attack Cravings:
1.) Drink water when you crave things and even between meals
2.) Chew gum
3.) Eat a low calorie snack like fruit or veggie sticks

To attack bad eating habits:
1.) Only drink water no sodas or processed juices
2.) Use the fruit and veggie juicer to replace one meal a day (like breakfast or lunch)
3.) Eat appropriate foods at the appropriate meal times (I love left overs for breakfast but that is really unhealthy or don't have a huge lunch like steak or potatoes have a salad soup or fruit and a sandwich)
4.) No fast food (it is high in calories and will also help me save money)

So since this is my gym update where I talk about going to the gym everyday I thought I would show a celebrity that goes to the gym every day that has modified her eating habits and looks fantastic now...

Kim Kardashian

The top three are before she started tackling her eating habits and the bottom two are the AFTER pictures. She is still curvy but so much more toned her body is amazing!!!

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