Thursday, August 4, 2011

40 day gym challenge...weight update!!!

I want her abs!!! She is my fitspiration for this week!! Last time I weighed I was 178 I got up to 183 so i'm down 5 which is most likely water weight. However during the time I lost that weight I worked out and ate about 1000 calories a day!!! I want to really keep my workouts up soooo I decided to challenge myself to go to the gym everyday until I leave for Miami which is in exactly 44 days. I have failed at every challenge I have made so this time I asked my Fiancee to raise the stakes for me. He offered me a trip to NYC (Our favorite place in the whole wide world) if I am successful so here goes...I officially start Friday 8-5-2011 and will go to 9-14-11 which is 40 days. I will update you on my success this time I will not fail!!!

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