Monday, May 30, 2011

Will I Ever Achieve My Goal?!?!

That answer is entirely up to me and it is actually a very easy process to get there but I have to want it to really want it! I no longer can allow myself excuses such as I work 12 hour shifts so I have no time to workout and I crave carbs at work because being a nurse in the NICU is stressful and blah...blah...blah...blah...blah. So this morning I got up had a tall glass of water and some fruit and hit the gym. Tonight at work I'm resisting the donuts in the break room and I'm envisioning myself thinner by the minute. Most times when I start a new "lifestyle change" I think back on all the time I had get it right and how it would have been so much easier then than now so now I'm seizing my opportunity to make those changes because it will only get harder as time goes on. Well enough of my soap box lets see who's body I'm obsessing over these days

Yep...Audrina Patridge!!!! I love how toned she is but I also know how far I have to go to reach a body like hers but like I said it is possible and totally up to me if I do it!!!

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