Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My weight loss tools!!!

I decided to do a post and list all of my weight loss tools that I currently have in my possession to lose weight. I can assure all the readers the only reason I didn't utilize them up until now is I wasn't motivated enough. There is no special magical solution to weight loss it is a simple formula of how much hard work and dedication you are willing to put in. So what are my weight loss tools?!?!?

1.) My mind set: I have finally realized this is what I really want for my life, to be healthy. I have discovered my weaknesses and strengths and I'm really ready to take control of my weight once and for all. I understand I will not lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks but I do know that if I push myself hard enough I can lose 3-4 pounds a week. I have dieted so much I know what my body is capable of. Another mistake that I will not make this time is talking about my diet to co workers and friends or even family. My readers will be my support group. I read in Glamour magazine's June 2011 issue that we should keep our diet a secret at first and then after we have started to lose weight then discuss it so we can have the "action not the decision praised". I am not losing weight with the hopes to gain anything but health and a much needed self esteem boost when I look in the mirror and see what I have accomplished.

2.) Water: I am blessed to have filtered water right in my kitchen we have a refirgerator with water on the door and we replace the filter when indicated so it is always clean, fresh, and cool. Water is so essential to weight loss because if our kidney's are functioning properly (being hydrated) our liver does not have to help the kidneys do their job but instead can do the job they are meant to do, break down fat...yesssss one of our organ's jobs is to break down fat!!! Additionally, the less dehydrated the body is the more energy it will have to not only to help us complete our day to day functions but to tackle that hour workout we need to see optimal weight loss results.

3.) Exercise options: I have a ton of means by which I can use to exercise. I live less than 5 minutes from a walking track that is a mile long (4 times around= 4 miles). I have an aerobics membership at the gym all classes are an hour long and it only cost 20 bucks a month for unlimited classes all taught by certified instructors and I have access to the indoor track. I also have a rooftop gym at my apartment building there are free weights, cardio equipment such as a treadmil, eliptical, and stationary bike, and there are weight machines. In addition to all of those options for weight loss I have a ton of work out DVD'S from Pilates, to Jillian Michaels, to the firm, to insanity. I have no excuses.

4.) I love healthy food: Don't get me wrong but I I love the bad stuff too but the thought of eating fresh fruits and veggies and grilled meats don't get me down I love this stuff. I think what advantage I have over a few people I have talked to about losing weight I know exactly what foods to eat to lose weight and what not to eat. I also have no problem with the thought of 4-6 small meals a day to keep my metabolism up and running. Yes I will admit it is always harder to resist the thought of having pasta vs a salad but that pasta will always be there but my opportunity to lose no weight that week vs four pounds that week only last 7 days.

5.) I have a digital scale: How else will I know if all my efforts are paying off. Plus I love how it goes to one place pass the decimal. Even a little difference such as going from 156.8 to 156.4 is all the motivation I need to keep doing what is right and not fall off the wagon. Everyone says your only suppose to weigh yourself once a week I weigh myself everyday when dieting and that is when I am the most successful. I can keep myself really on track by seeing how my workout and eating effected my weight from one day to the next.

Those five tools are all I Know I need to be successful at losing weight there is nothing special on that list that most people don't already have access too so if you think you can't start a diet until you obtain this, this, or this then you are wrong examine your surroundings and discover your tools and just do it!!!

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