Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Okay I am not going to go back to my old habits of losing weight because obviously it is hard for me to maintain those results!!! But I do remember how much my stomach would flatten out when i was drinking water like crazy. So I am going to go back to cutting out unecessary calories from my diet by drinking water and cutting out sodas and juices!!! I also want to add a fresh fruit or veggie to every meal. These are just small changes that I hope to build on I have also been trying to stay consistent with working out last week I worked out about 3 times, this week I worked out twice so far I made a work out plan with my brother and fiance to do insanity 3 times a week and I hope to also work out in between those three insanity days for a total of maybe 4-5 days a week. I am still at about 178-179 so I am hoping to lose water weight by drinking more water and eventually actual fat by doing insanity (they are intense workouts). So hopefully Tuesday morning I will have good news. I really want to get to 174 because that use to be the highest weight I had been at I never would have thought I would be at this point and I am hoping and determined I will never get this high again...So stay tuned for results!!!

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