Friday, May 28, 2010

okay I must go back to my old habits...but with a new outlook!!!

The types of food you put in your body will make you gain or prevent you from losing weight!!! I was reading facebook one of my classmates with an incredible body stated I think i'm going to break down and have teeny tiny hamburger. Well one comment said I haven't had a hamburger in months I understand the urge. Then this morning I just knew I had lost weight I stepped on the scale and I had gained weight and I ate dramatically less than I had been eating for weeks the previous day. However I was still eating foods that were bad for me like guacamole, a fast food hamburger and a handful of popcorn. So the strawberries and bananas I had for breakfast, the salad for lunch and the orange for a snack didn't mean anything compared to the fat I put in my body. I am not saying you cannot eat fattening foods you just cannot have them everyday. I think I have had this discussion on here before so maybe it is not you all I need to convince it is myself. I will probably lose weight fast if I switch to a healthier diet because my body is so use to the excess calories. So I am going back to what I know that eating a fruit salad for breakfast a salad or soup for lunch and a huge salad for dinner. Don't forget snacks like fruit with a glass of water. I never said I was not eating when I was dropping pounds like crazy I just was eating better. So what happens when I want that pasta for dinner...well I will not splurge until I get back down to 165 or 166 but I will make sure I stay consistent with exercise which will help my body burn those extra calories, and I will not have fast food, fried food, carbs, sweets every day or every week!!! those a splurge items that have to be eaten with extreme moderation. So today I had water, green tea, and apple sauce for breakfast and yes I am full but not stuffed like I normally get when I have eggs, grits, bacon and toast or pancakes and bacon. I think this will be the hardest thing I eve do I mean I have been combating my weight all my life and I am determined to control this before 2011 I will not fail again. So I wanna post some of my inspiration again you all know I love tearsnomore87 on youtube but here are some celebrities in the pictures above!!!

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