Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weigh In

1 weigh 169.4!!! YES I GAINED 3 POUNDS!!! These 3 pounds could be fat could be water I have no idea, but I'm 100 percent certain my horrible eating habits and the valentine's holiday parties had everything to do with the weight gain. I am also 100 percent certain that I can and will lose weight and get in shape over these next 7 weeks. I refuse to say how much because I feel I set myself up for failure. I do know however that I have been exercising more and plan on doing everything in my power to continue working out and get control of my eating so i can look great for my beach vacation. So please stay tuned and leave a comment I like being held accountable.
So for a little motivation... I have relistically decided that if I could look like this on the beach I would be THRILLED!!!

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